Anonymous - 2013-07-18

Hey all

I have 5 years working with nusoap.

I have to make a project with J2ME that attack a nsoap webservice.

For to generate the soap client in java, i use a command sequence as this:

wscompile -gen:client config.xml

The webservice address is in config.xml file.

When I execute this command, all needed files been generated but it give me ones error messages:

Warning: R2716 WSI-BasicProfile ver. 1.0, namespace attribute not allowed in doc/lit for soapbind:body: "action"

This error is due to that the wsdl document has a namespace property in soap:body entity despite no there namespace.

If I edit the nusoap.php and i delete the namespace property in 5564 and 5570 lines, then works with no problems.

Another problem is that with 0.9.5 versión of nsuap i can't compile the java soap client.

The reason is that the last version of nusoap puts a form="unqualified" property in <xsd:element lines from action description in wsdl document.

If I remove this properties from 6452 and 6460 lines, returns to work.

Maybe would that to have present this for return to make util nsoap to java clients.