Updates beyond 0.7.3?

  • Tony Gravagno

    Tony Gravagno - 2008-10-25

    The code nusoap code hasn't been updated for almost a year. I think Scott has something up to 0.8.1 but I have no idea if it's production quality. Does anyone have any code updates to contribute?

    • Mario Trojan

      Mario Trojan - 2009-01-15

      I had a short look into the repository almost a year ago, and there was a version callled RC1 (last change 2008-03-06). No idea if there were any other versions, but i think it would be great if RC1 could be made available for public download.

    • pixelchutes

      pixelchutes - 2009-02-10

      I have encountered one glaring limitation using NuSOAP 0.7.3 (rev 1.114), and that is not having the ability to define namespaces on the <SOAP-ENV:Header> node. This is essential when dealing with services implementing authentication via WS-Security.

      More can be read on my post regarding this matter here: http://forums.codewalkers.com/php-coding-7/nusoap-ws-security-header-893158.html#post224203

      Does anyone know if the latest revisions offer this type of capability?

      • pixelchutes

        pixelchutes - 2009-02-10

        UPDATE: Just checked that latest revision in SourceForge CVS, and it does not appear this issue has been addressed yet. Should be a simple fix, adding a new method to handle the headers, then modifying that node to invoke the new method.

    • Karsten

      Karsten - 2009-02-25

      I wrote an email to snichol, and asked him about the future.

      Maybe he posts or answers the next days some more specific about these project

    • Tony Gravagno

      Tony Gravagno - 2009-03-22

      What concerns me is that there seems to be a lot of people who rely on this code but no contributors. Is this just another dead open source project where everyone is milking the one poor guy who put some time into it? Are there any other projects like this that are better maintained?

      I'm curious why there are no contributions to this project. I could understand if it were written in C++ but this is PHP. Is everyone here really "all take and no give"?

      As to why I don't contribute ... I don't use the software because it's never looked like it was being maintained ... I guess it's a "chicken and egg" situation. Even if I did use it, I also don't believe I'm qualified to do detailed PHP work - maybe this is the general issue. I'm surprised.

    • Karsten

      Karsten - 2009-03-22

      Always taking is not fair,
      but an open source project is still a project.
      When both 'Leaders' won't give any statement about this project,
      the only thing we can do is an nusoap2 or something.

      I'm using Pear:SOAP in future Projects, and there is also an php soap module

      In PHP 6.0 ext/soap will be turned on by default


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