Connection closed on long lasting test runs

  • Ralph Kreissl

    Ralph Kreissl - 2003-06-04

    We have a few long lasting test runs (3-5 min.).
    It seems that the server closes the socket connection after a certain amount of time.
    Could it be that there is a limit of 4 min.? It seems that every test call has to return within this time span.
    Is there anything we can do to avoid that?

    • Rana Ian

      Rana Ian - 2003-11-05

      Found the same result. Would be great to be able to set the socket time out in an options menu.

      "------ Run All Tests in Solution started: ------

      ------ Test started: Assembly: AssemblyName.exe ------

      Underlying socket was closed.

      ---------------------- Done ----------------------

      Test Projects: 0 succeeded, 0 failed, took 306.11 seconds."

    • Rana Ian

      Rana Ian - 2003-11-05

      by the way. interesting to note that the same test that times out within nunit addin tests fine in the nunit gui test app

    • Sam Jost

      Sam Jost - 2004-08-20

      Same here -  I always thought this is a feature so tests won't 'hang' forever.


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