#171 Enhanced test outcome state

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Bengt Gunne

Thank you for a great product!

I would be really useful if it was possible to have more
states regarding test outcome. I have a single test suite
that I run in multiple configurations.

I suggest the following additional outcomes to success
(green), test setup failed (yellow), and failure (red):

o Failed, but the test is validated (this means the test
fails in the configuration. I have looked at the failure but
cannot fix it now. But I do not want to check it next
time around and I do not want to forget about it).
Color: purple.

o Not applicable or not implemented for this
configuration (the test cannot (yet) be run in the
current configuration. I want to mark it as incomplete,
and that I should work with the test material (as
oppossed to the product I am testing)). Color: brown.

(If you do not like my color suggestions you should, of
course, ignore them. Also, you may want to use
different shapes or shadings for people that are color


  • Bengt Gunne

    Bengt Gunne - 2004-03-30

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    One possible way to do this would be to add an enumeration

    public enum TestOutcome { ValidatedFailure,
    TestMaterialIncomplete }

    and two overloads:

    Assert.Fail(string message, TestOutcome reason);
    Assert.Fail(TestOutcome reason);

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