> On Thursday 16 November 2006 11:44, David Douard wrote:
> > Hi, just to ask you: how is the work going on encapsulatinsg mx.DateTime
> > as a native numpy type?
> > And most important: is the code available somewhere? I am also
> > interested in using DateTime objects in numpy arrays. For now, I've
> > always used arrays of floats (using gmticks values of dates).

> And I, as arrays of objects (well, I wrote a subclass to deal with dates,
> where each element is a datetime object, with methods to translate to floats
> or strings , but it's far from optimal...). I'd also be quite interested in
> checking what has been done.
I'm also very interested in the results of this. I need to do something very similar and am currently relying on an ugly hack to achieve the desired result.
- Matt Knox