#3 Registration loses names

Anna Wilson

Roland Wilhelm reports that sometimes the latest student's name doesn't show on the registration screen: "only one new name has been added to the list, at least initially. Names tend to disappear
when I start the program the next day. When the child's name disappears, I can click in the blank space under the two demonstration names and the
child's name still appears in the edit fields on the right, and the game will start as usual. Looking at the AllStudentsList.txt file, all the data
is still present. I've also seen the second demonstration name in the list disappear as well, clicking on the blank area under the list, it appears in the edit fields, but I have no way of getting to the child's name. My first fix has been to copy a new data folder into the program folder and then copy the AllStudentsList and their data files from the previous data file. Adding a new student seems to bring back the missing names.
My first guess would be a counter problem;
perhaps not finding the end-of-line character in the AllStudentsList file, but that doesn't account for how my first fix works, because it's the same
text file. So that leaves something in the demo student data files? I'm running the program under Windows 98 (with 64 MB RAM)."
Do any other users experience this problem? I have a suspicion it might be only present in the English version, and due to some anomaly in AllStudentsList.


  • Anna Wilson

    Anna Wilson - 2007-04-01

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    Roland tracked this down to a corrupt file in the Data folder

  • Anna Wilson

    Anna Wilson - 2007-04-01
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Anna Wilson

    Anna Wilson - 2007-04-02
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