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Version 3.5

This is a minor revision

Minor corrections in comments.

Clarified formal vs. informal Latin difference.

Posted by (chongo) Landon Curt Noll 2011-03-06

Version 3.3

This is a major revision.

Added options for using formal latin (default) or informal latin. The default is now formal latin.

Added -i to the command line options to output in informal latin (the old version 2 behavior).

Added hooks for ruleset. As with version 2, only the American and European systems are encoded.

Added -r ruleset to output according to that ruleset. Currently number supports -r american (-r us for short) and -r european (-r euro for short). The use of -e is deprecated and, if used, acts like -r european.... read more

Posted by (chongo) Landon Curt Noll 2011-03-06