I was misinterpreting how nuggets connect to the dispatcher and the rzbNugget Server, also I was confused about the location of the nugget directory,
I built a Ubuntu 10.10 VM and after dropping virustotal.so.1 in the correct place: /usr/local/lib/razorback/, and restarting rzbNugget everything works now.  Thanks for the help, Christopher and Ron.

Another issue I have is when I use the collector nugget to send files to the dispatcher, and the file type is PDF_FILE, the output is now printed twice in the rzbNugget window.
I assume this is because two nuggets have registered to dispatcher to take PDF type data, but I haven't figured out why its printing output from the nuggets (virustotal, simple, and output_nugget) twice.
When I rerun collector using PE_FILE it only prints once.
Any thoughts?

On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 1:18 PM, Christopher McBee <christopher.mcbee@sourcefire.com> wrote:
I tested with http://oss.metaparadigm.com/json-c/json-c-0.9.tar.gz
which is the version shipping with 10.10 currently and it works
without issue.  That should fix the library dependency issue. As for
the segfault, is this on 64-bit or 32-bit ubuntu 9.10?

2010/10/24 Jonathan Blount <jjbnq2@mst.edu>:
> I'm trying to run Christopher McBee's virustotal nugget from the SVN. I'm
> using a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.10 and got razorback running.
> The problem is with the json library required for virustotal, libjson0-dev
> is in lucid but not karmic, I tried libjson-glib-dev, but couldn't get it to
> work.
> So I found and built json-c from here: http://oss.metaparadigm.com/json-c/
> .  I added my API key to the source and ran make, but when I run it, it seg
> faults.
> After a lot of searching, this thread
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1691014/qt-application-crashing-immediately-without-debugging-info-how-do-i-track-down
> leads me to believe there's a static initializers problem in the library.
> So I'm back to trying to find a json library, what one should I use in
> Ubuntu 9.10?  Or should I start over in 10.4/10.10?
> Thanks,
> Jon
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