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SearchHighlight v0.3

A new version of the SearchHighlight plugin has been posted, providing a wider range of supported search engines

Posted by Wouter Demuynck 2003-08-01

SearchHighlight v0.1

SearchHighlight exploits the built-in highlighting support Nucleus offers on deatiled item pages to highligh search terms by which Google users ended up at your site

Works even better with Nucleus versions higher than v2.0 (CVS only at the moment) which have improved highlighting

Posted by Wouter Demuynck 2003-07-30

TrackBack v1.2

v1.2 of the TrackBack plugin fixes some small errors, and provides support for the upcoming 'tableprefix' option in Nucleus v2.1. It also adds a new 'manual ping' form, to allow bloggers using a non-trackback-enabled blogging tool to send trackback pings to your items

Posted by Wouter Demuynck 2003-06-09

Calendar v0.75

v0.75 of the Calendar plugin was released. It contains the original code, plus the fixes made by Roel and jhoover. The code was also updated to work when short_open_tags = Off

Posted by Wouter Demuynck 2003-06-09