#36 karma improvements + SKIN variables


I've been using Nucleus CMS for about a year now and
there are a few things I've been patching in to make my
site more useful:

1) SKIN variables to support a blog for each member
2) Improvements to the karma system to make it more
self sustaining.

For the skin variables I added memberblog as a
reinterpretation of otherblog and memberblogsettings
as an extension of blogsettings.

The memberblog displays the currently selected member's
blog and memberblogsettings does the equivalent thing
for blogsettings. I've been using these on the member
details page.

For the karma system I've changed the way the vote
links are generated to include the memberid of the
logged in user (or 0 if not logged in). Then I added a
timestamp and memberid column to the nucleus_karma
table and make saveIP() function clean up any records
that are older than 30 days in the karma table.

I'm attaching patch files that I made up while
upgrading to v3.2.
Hopefully, someone else will find at least some of this


  • Chris

    Chris - 2005-04-01

    Logged In: YES

    Oh yeah almost forgot, I've changed the checkban function to
    exclude the case where the user has already logged in. So,
    members don't have to worry about getting banned by
    excessive ranges.

  • Chris

    Chris - 2005-04-01
  • Chris

    Chris - 2005-04-02
  • Chris

    Chris - 2005-04-02
  • Frank Truscott

    Frank Truscott - 2012-02-03
    • status: open --> closed
  • Frank Truscott

    Frank Truscott - 2012-02-03

    karma has been moved to plugin and the memberblog notion is best done by plugin of someone needs it.


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