#104 HTTP 406 error on posting comments/items

Performance (2)

Two users have encountered the following:

"When I post long comments or items (looks like the
cutoff for new items is about 6000 characters), I get
an HTTP 406 error, and the item doesn't get
successfully added."



  • Roel Groeneveld

    Roel Groeneveld - 2004-11-17

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    Additional comment:
    "If the item is over 5373 characters it generates the 406 error
    and the item is not posted.

    This happens whether the item is posted to the body or extended
    text areas."

  • Wouter Demuynck

    Wouter Demuynck - 2004-11-17

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    Copied the update below from the forum topic. I tried the
    testcase (tested on CVS version) and didn't get the 406 error...

    I've spent hours and hours testing everything I can think
    of, to figure out exactly what the problem is, and I finally
    have a small, reproducible test case.

    It ISN'T the size that's the problem. I SUCCESSFULLY posted
    an item to my 'Blog that was much longer than the one that's
    failing. The successful one was just filled with
    "0123456789" repeated until there were over 8000 characters
    in the file. In fact, I successfully submitted an item with
    over 24,000 characters.

    So I started trying to submit bits and pieces of the 'Blog
    entry that's failing. Every single paragraph works
    individually. But the following two paragraphs, posted
    together, fail.

    Try this in your version of Nucleus. I just added an item
    called "Test" with the text below as its contents. Remember
    that each paragraph by itself is fine. And if I change the
    order of the paragraphs, that's fine too! But the two
    together in this order cause a 406 error.

    On my system, it fails in clean installs of Nucleus 2.0,
    3.0, 3.1 and 3.15.

    Here's the test case:

    This weekend I went to a concert, put on by my school band.
    Which is really, really good by the way. They did a wide
    variety of music, some of it Japanese, but a fair bit of
    relatively modern western music. Selections included a Star
    Wars medley, a Disney medley, and (I couldn't believe it) <a
    href="http://www.inthe80s.com/weworld.shtml">"We are the
    World"</a>. I missed my chance to go last year because
    (stupidly) I forgot to ask for directions to the hall. The
    concert was on Saturday, so there was nobody to ask on the
    day of, and I couldn't make heads or tails of the map,
    because everything was written in Japanese.

    It was cool. A <i>lot</i> of my students went; I was pretty
    surprised. The room was pretty packed. A few teachers, a lot
    of parents and a <i>TON</i> of students. Including a bunch
    of kids from another Junior High School nearby (who, once
    the ice was broken, were apparently fascinated by me; I have
    that effect on kids here <img src="../pix/smile.gif"></img>.
    The sweetest part of the whole concert was the very end,
    when the 1st and 2nd year students thanked the 3rd years
    (for whom this was the last concert) for all their help,
    gave them flowers, and more often than not, burst into tears
    in the process.

  • Wouter Demuynck

    Wouter Demuynck - 2004-11-17
    • summary: Posting long comments/items generates HTTP 406 error --> HTTP 406 error on posting comments/items
  • Wouter Demuynck

    Wouter Demuynck - 2004-11-17

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    Copying more useful info from the forum:

    "I'm using Mozilla Firefox 1.0 (but it happens in IE too).
    My web server is running Apache 1.3.33, PHP 4.3.9 and mySQL

    Specifically, the error message is rendered as:

    406 Not Acceptable
    An appropriate representation of the requested resource
    /blog/nucleus/index.php could not be found on this server. "

    This doesn't help, does it?

    Someone on the WordPress forum had a similar problem:
    http://wordpress.org/support/3/6712 -> non-ascii characters
    in post data?

  • Roel Groeneveld

    Roel Groeneveld - 2004-11-17

    Logged In: YES

    I haven't been able to reproduce this on an existing and on
    a fresh Nucleus 3.15 install. Under different settings, on
    different servers.

  • Edmond Hui

    Edmond Hui - 2004-11-19
    • assigned_to: nobody --> ehui
  • Edmond Hui

    Edmond Hui - 2004-11-19
    • status: open --> closed
  • Edmond Hui

    Edmond Hui - 2004-11-19

    Logged In: YES

    cover by another bug report now.... didn't realize a bug
    report is open b4 open a new one.....


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