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Update repository to 2.4.30

I've applied the 2.4.30 kernel patch to the repository. CVS tag for 2.4.30 is linux-2_4_30. I'll be applying 2.4.31 and 2.4.32 over the next week (as my time permits).

Posted by Raylynn Knight 2006-02-02

New miBoot ISO image fixes CDROM access on PowerBooks

Unfortunately we provided a non-working miBoot ISO image regarding CD-based installations of Debian Sarge.
As of today there is a fixed miBoot ISO image available that was successfully used to install Debian Sarge 3.1r1 on a PowerBook 1400.
As always read the corresponding release notes since it contains invaluable information about the installation process.
Please join the mailing list and report your results. Good luck!

Posted by Florian Boelstler 2006-01-26

New kernel images available (2.4.30-pre1)

See our files section for new kernel images.
Please watch the release notes and report your results to the mailing list.

Have fun

Posted by Florian Boelstler 2005-12-14

BitKeeper 2.4.28 kernel source tree on CVS

The support request on SF for importing the BitKeeper archive file was fulfilled.
According to the SF 2nd level support the new CVS module will not be visible for anonymous (read-only) CVS access until a change is made to the CVS (by one of us that got CVS write access).

I will checkin all patches that I currently have on the weekend (9-11 Dec).

Have a nice weekend


Posted by Florian Boelstler 2005-12-09

Debian kernel source 2.4.27-10 (+nubus) available on CVS

We are currently moving off from Bitkeeper.
As a first step Debian's kernel source tree including NuBus patches was put on CVS tonight.

The CVS module name is debian-linux-2.4.27-nubus.
Don't get confused by another CVS module called linux-nubus.
This seems to be an fairly old kernel source tree.

See CVS project page [1] for access.

I will try to gather all patches and put them into CVS on the weekend (9-11 Dec).... read more

Posted by Florian Boelstler 2005-12-07

Mailing list

Since the demise of lists.linuxppc.org we now have a new mailing list hosted by SourceForge. For subscription info please see:

Posted by Raylynn Knight 2004-11-30