I tried out your latest test kernels. Still no go on the Performa 5200, which I also on my PowerBook 3400. It gets the same results as the 5200.

Though with the new kernel the 5200 say something like:
MMU: Set BAT for Nubus on Performa
instead of saying:
MMU: Set BAT for PowerBook / Performa

Still, both the 3400 and 5200 freeze on "MMU:exit" I've tried the 'video=offb:ofonly' and it didn't make any difference. I'll try the 'video=valkyriefb' next.

Oh yeah, and on my PowerBook 5300, I did have a drive specified. (/dev/ram) But nothing was there so that's why it got the kernel panic.

If only I knew more on programming... Still, I would like to figure out how to use git and download the source code.

Thanks for all your hard work.
Hope my testing has helped somehow.


> To: nubus-pmac-users@lists.sourceforge.net
> From: tobias.netzel@googlemail.com
> Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 17:05:35 +0200
> Subject: [Nubus-pmac-users] Linux
> Hi all,
> I just updated the test kernel images and added a tarball including
> some modules.
> The kernel should now be able to boot from hard drive as well as from
> ramdisks - on PowerBooks at least.
> I also found an error relating the Performa support - it might at
> least get to print something on the screen (you should try
> 'video=offb:ofonly' as well as 'video=valkyriefb').
> Now the interrupt handling on PBs is much more stable as well as
> faster - at least on my PB 1400. There's also serial port support now
> - even serial console should work. And NuBus devices (internal
> ethernet cards mainly) are supported now - my Focus EtherLAN 1400 is
> working.
> On my PB 1400 there's now Debian Lenny (Xfce + Lxde edition)
> installed and in my opinion it's working better than Woody or Sarge
> with 2.4 kernels. Even the Xfce desktop is usable - and I've also
> been able to use iceweasel with acceptable performance. The x.org
> server sadly failed to autoconfigure and even crashes in the attempt
> to do so. I had to add the line:
> Driver "fbdev"
> to section "Device" manually after running "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-
> xorg".
> I still get shutdowns (PMU cuts off the power) occasionally.
> If you'd like to install the modules extract them to "/" and run
> depmod after that. I didn't build netfilter modules because they fail
> to do so on my HFS+ partition.
> Please try that kernel images if you wish and report your results!
> And well - I could need some support in programming...
> Have fun,
> Tobias
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