Hi Guy,

Although your reply did not make complete sense, and did not reference my reply as directly as I would have liked,
some of it did remind me of what I had to do and I have made some progress.

I now have a decent install of Debian sarge on my 1400.

I am having trouble getting any gui to install and work however, it seems to install but never activates.

Can you or someone else help me on that front?



On 10/06/2007, at 9:43 AM, Guy Paddock wrote:

Hi Grant,

I donít you can boot the linux CD directly; youíll need to format the hard drive with an HFS partition and install BootX or similar boot loader first, then download one of the kernel images w/ installers from the nubus-pmac website and install it into the HFS partition.

Once you select the boot loader as the active OS and reboot, you will boot right into the installer and can then insert the CD to continue.

--Guy Paddock

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Subject: [Nubus-pmac-users] Trouble with 1400cs G3 333 Debian Install

Hello out there,

I want to install Debian on my PB 1400cs, but I am not quite sure on the exact procedure.

The method listen on the website is outdated, and the new instructions don't really help.

I am trying to use the miboot15jan2006.iso to start the installation burnt to a CD, but all I get is a floppy icon with the flashing ?.

Can someone out there please give me an exact and detailed run down of the steps for installation?

If it helps, for instructional purposes, in the past I had the RAM upgraded to 64MB and a 10GB hard drive installed.

I have tried to install a few other linux's a while back before G3 card support was included and gave up until now.

Kind regards,


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