Hello all you mindflayers :0
Want to first say thank you for the excitement of finding a project to give new life to
my old notebook , it is the 1400 w/g3 sonnet , 64mb ram and a small 2gig drive, also i have 8xcdrom , i have wanted to turn it in to a oversized pda for sometime now, mainly for perl/python/bash/php and ebooks.

    My main problem right now is where best to start, i am not apple literate, i d/l miboot.iso miboot-test miboot-test2 miBoot iso's , i use suse 10 on my home system and have no acess to a windows box nor are they allowed in our neighborhood (heh, last parts a lie) , i get errors with k3b in kde and natilus also says that these iso's are not 9660 format, so i cant burn them correctly, i just selected 9660 anyways and burnt one to see the results, the 1440 can read it ,but its not bootable.

    I have read alot of the home page and searched the mailing lists , but dont see any posts on the iso issue i have, saw one stating something to the effect that kb3 changed and theres a problem with md5 checksums, i see alot of reference on my susebox (when trying to burn miboot) that its not mkisofs,iso9660,raw etc.... also ark cant open them, saw a reference to the iso's being made with nero?(might have read it wrong, was following a thread and got lost) is that a new debian package?
(heh, a few to many after work tonite!?)

     I am open to a best approch to getting debian installed, have been d/ling the sarge iso's (do you need all 14 cd's?nonet for 1440 so assumming i will (they burn fine :p )) any tips are greatly accepted, i want to use the whole drive for linux, i only have os8.6 cd left , i dont care about what happens to the harddrive all data has been transfered to this system, i wont beable to use the internet on the 1440 as i have no null cables or any way to link it with my micron box.
    I am not really interested in Xwindows and i dont have much room on my harddrive , a framebuffer and 6 virtual consoles would be just fine.
    What i dont have is a floppie drive..heh , have a iomega 100 zip expansion tho.

I am not in a rush , but very kiddish exited to get linux installed, with no floppy drive and being apple illiterate , the iso is the only way i see so far, any suggestions that dont cost money..heh



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