#2 .ISO files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I tried to download your ppc version with the
installer. Everytime I tried to use my cd burning
program to make the cd, i got the error "this is not a
valid .iso file". Why are you teasing us with fake files?



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Been wondering the same thing!!!!
    The miboot previous to this version , burnt just fine, but
    the cdrom drive (expansion bay) wont open, so you cant
    swapout cd's.. I used Kb3 and d/l miboot from 4 mirror
    sites on sourceforge, no success. Kb3 says this is not a
    usable image and i burnt a copy anyway hoping to install
    sarge on my old 1400 PB , i am so sick of os8.6 :) heh.
    Also notice the size difference , the older image is
    larger, i am not iso , or fileformat compatable , but
    wondered if you diff the difference between the 2 , maybe a
    real iso image that works could actually exist!!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    The files are fine .. (iso) you can safely select 9660 iso
    and burn, ( i only use kb3 so cant say with like nero or
    such) i get the same error message when i select burn cd
    image, but when burnt as a 9660iso it works fine, your
    powerbook will read it , you can also mount the cd and check it.
    ( mount -t hfs /dev/yourcddevice /yourmount/directory )
    ( i.e... mount -t hfs /dev/cdrecorder /media/cdrom0 )

    you can also check/edit/modify/add new images :) to the iso
    by mounting via the loop option.

    ( mount -t hfs -o loop miboot.iso /dirwhatever )


  • Florian Boelstler

    • status: open --> closed

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