#8 Sends back logs when installed. BAD.


When installing ntsyslog it sends back logs from months ago to the logserver which flood the logserver. It should only send current logs, not all back logs.

Basically, if you deploy the program twice you will have two sets of the same logs on your logserver, it kills the network links, space etc etc and is entirely the wrong behaviour.

This also rules out using a batch file as a startup script to auto deploy this as if you do that you will destroy your logserver as it reinstalls it every bootup.

You don't see unix programs resending every log to a logserver if you reinstall them...


  • tyrolean

    tyrolean - 2007-10-31

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    Which version of NTSyslog do you have used?

    NTSyslog sends Eventlogs with a time (seconds since 1.1.1970) between the
    Registry-Value of "LastRun" and now. After that the value is updated.
    If the value is not set or 0, no Log-Entries are sent and the value is
    set to the current time as base for the next read-cycle.

  • tyrolean

    tyrolean - 2007-11-22
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