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This driver was ported before Apple released their own version of the same driver in 10.3. It offers no other features over the driver included with the OS (in fact, it probably offers less features).

Even worse, if you attempt an install on a 10.4 system, you will overwrite Apple's driver and you will longer have any access to NTFS drives (as my driver does not even load on 10.4 systems). You will then have to figure out a way to restore Apple's drivers. Which will not be easy without a full re-install.... read more

Posted by Brian Bergstrand 2006-04-12

Release 1.0d2

Fixed bug #789169 (kernel panic with object names > 31 chars).
MD5 = a1e8100cf49d9c0ea2a4285099d5fbc3

Posted by Brian Bergstrand 2003-08-23

Release 1.0d1

First release. Provides read-only access to NTFS volumes.

Posted by Brian Bergstrand 2003-08-06