NST Version 2.11.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the latest NST release: "v2.11.0". This release is based on Fedora 11 using Linux Kernel: "". The architecture for building an NST distribution has been completely redesigned and engineered. Starting with this release, All system, network and security applications are now included as RPM packages. This allowed us to take advantage of the Fedora Live CD Project for spinning off an "NST Live" distribution. This project will also help make it easier to develop future releases of NST.
We have created redundant repository sites for NST built RPM packages so that an NST system may be upgraded and revisioned via the internet. These capabilities continue to move NST towards being classified as an enterprise grade distribution that is both extensible and maintainable. With previous NST releases, it was difficult for users to add features and scope by compiling source code or adding new applications. Now one can simply YUM install their favorite applications (e.g., compilers, editors, X Window managers, etc...) via the command line or through the NST WUI.
Here are some of the highlights for this release:

* The entire NST distribution is RPM based and an NST system can be maintained using reduntant RPM repositories.

* NST is now extensible. Add new applications with YUM install.

* "NST Live" allows for read/write rootfs file system access so that new applications can be installed even though it was booted from a DVD device.

* "NST Live" can be installed to a USB device for creation of a "NST Live USB Disk". One can then boot the "NST Live USB Disk" from a system capable of booting from USB devices.

* An "NST Live USB Disk" may contain data persistence allowing session information to be maintained across system reboots and/or system moves.

* For systems that lack a DVD device or can not boot from USB devices, the following solution was created for installation of NST to the system hard disk. The "NST Live" distribution is too big to fit on a CD. An "NST Minimal" ISO is provided and was designed to fit on CD media. One can boot the "NST Minimal" ISO, perform a hard disk installation using the NST script: "nstliveinst" and then YUM install the "nst-live" RPM package to completely build out the full NST distribution.

* A new NST script: "nsttraceroute" has been created that Geocodes output from the traceroute utility in KML format for rendering with Google Earth.

* Added 2 network content capture applications: "driftnet" and "tcpxtract". Driftnet is used to capture and display graphic images (i.e., GIF, JPEG and PNG). TCPxTract is used to capture complete documents including PDF or Microsoft Word docs.

* The Multi-Tap Network Packet Capture page has been enhanced with the integration of ngrep and dsniff.

* Many new applications have been added to this distribution release. Previous existing networking and security applications have been updated to their latest revision.

Posted by Ronald W. Henderson 2009-09-23

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