Mercator World Map of a list of IPs?

  • Anonymous - 2011-04-13

    I have a list of IP addresses that I would like to run through nstgeolocate to create a Mercator World Map of. Is this possible? How would I do it? Would it be possible to have it check that file for updates every hour?

    Also, I attempted to install Snorby on NST and it doesn't work because of some issues with Ruby. I would love to see Snorby as an option on future versions of NST!!


  • Anonymous - 2011-04-13

    No, I need the output to be an image, not a google earth kml. Thanks though.

  • Ronald W. Henderson

    This can be done with a component of nstgeolocate. See: /usr/share/nstgeolocate/ -h

    1) Example host file with 3 hosts: /tmp/ip.txt

    cat  /tmp/ip.txt

    2) Convert host file to xml format with locations: /tmp/ip.xml

    /usr/bin/nstipgeolocate -f xml < /tmp/ip.txt > /tmpip.xml

    3) Produce GeoIP host file bit map: mercator

    ***Note: See: /usr/share/nstgeolocate/ -h for options like symbol type and color…

    /usr/share/nstgeolocate/ -m -x /tmp/ip.xml  -s /usr/share/nstgeolocate/world_map.png -d /tmp/ip.png -v

    File: /tmp/ip.png contains your mercator bit image with Geolocated hosts.

    4) Put these above commands in a cron entry to automate…

    5) ***Note one can modify the python program: "/usr/share/nstgeolocate/" for custom requirements…


  • Anonymous - 2011-04-14

    Perfect! Thank you!


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