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Chad G
  • Chad G

    Chad G - 2004-11-19

    I'm trying to use the nessus client in v1.2.0 (first thread at 1.2.0).  What user name do I provide???

    If I we're to use the web client it says root and PASS however if I try that, I get a login error.

    Any help would be great.


    • Paul Blankenbaker

      This is a very good question. Nessus is one of the utilities which uses a clear text password. As a result, its password is not set when the 'nstpasswd' script is run, but is instead declared as the NSTCTPASSWD variable found in /etc/nst.conf.

      You can run the following command to see it (either from the command line or by using the "Run Command" utility found in the NSTWUI):

      /bin/grep NSTCTPASSWD /etc/nst.conf

      If you want a different password, you need to edit this file BEFORE using the NST scripts to start up nessus.

      I've noticed that nessus seems to be filling up my '/' RAM disk with a lot of files under /var/nessus (I started the nessus server from the NST web interface). Once '/' fills up this go badly on a NST probe. This seems to occur when remote plug-ins are downloaded and the nessus server is started with the default options from the NST WUI. I'm still looking into it.


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