Booting options

  • Joseph P. Socoloski III

    Is there a way to make the Graphical interface the default instead of Console?
    If not, what is the official command to run to get into Graphics mode once booting up into Console mode?


  • Paul Blankenbaker

    If you are booting from a Live DVD you can not change the default boot mode to Graphical.

    If you are booting from a Live Thumbdrive, you should be able to edit the file: syslinux.cfg in the syslinux folder. Look for the line "menu default" (under the Desktop entry) and move it to the corresponding location under the Graphical entry.

    If you are booting from a NST installation, you will need to edit the /boot/grub/grub.conf file and change the line "default=0" to the index of your preferred boot method. Alternatively, you can change the "3" to "5" at the end of a kernel line to force the runlevel to 5 (Graphical) instead of 3.

    If you boot to runlevel 3 (text console mode), you can always switch to runlevel 5 (graphical mode), by running the following command as root:

      init 5

    Hope that helps,


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