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  • AJAY

    AJAY - 2004-11-23

    I am starting nessus with the command nessusd_start -p remote to download latest plugins.  These download sucessfully but when I perform a scan on a host I get less information with the 'latest' downloaded plugins than I do if I start with the local plugins. 

    For example my mail server is correctly identified as Trend IMSS with the local plugins but with the remote plugins it thinks it is a SendMail SMTP server - incorrect.  Also my Citrix servers are not picked up with the remote plugins but are picked up with the local plugins.  Can somebody pleae help?!

    Many Thanks in advance


    • Paul Blankenbaker

      We just use the nessus-update-plugins script which looks like it should pull the latest version from:

      We don't control the Nessus web site. You may want to stick with the local plug-ins until Nessus releases the next version.


    • Ronald W. Henderson

      Well AJ found a bug with NST's implementation and misunderstanding of setting up the nessus plugins.

      So until the next release of NST do the following for the latest plugins..

      1) First use the local plugins...

      /usr/local/sbin/start_nessusd -p local -v

      2) Then manually update the plugins from the
      nessus site:

      export TEMPDIR=/dev/shm

      This should bring the nessus plugin count upto around 5680 plugins...

      ---Ron Henderson

    • AJAY

      AJAY - 2004-11-24

      Thanks very much for the help.



    • megawatt

      megawatt - 2004-11-26

      I'm having issues that might also be related.  Loading the local plugins gets me about 1500 or so, and loading with the remote gets me over 2400. 

      If I load local and then try to running nessus-update-plugins -v I get some updates but I also see all kinds of errors from tar:
      "tar: Cannot open: no space left on device."  I guess this explains the reason for the export TEMPDIR=/dev/shm above.

      I am using 1.0.6, is this still an issue in 1.2.0?


    • Ronald W. Henderson


      I worked with Renaud Deraison creator of nessus and he had a issue with the nessus-update-plugins
      repository. Should be corrected now.

      Note: In the upcoming maintenance release of NST (v1.2.1) we have reworked the startup_nessusd script which should handle nessus plugin updates more gracefully...

      ---Ron Henderson


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