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How To Install NST on the Asus Zenbook Prime

  • aryker

    aryker - 2012-12-11

    I recently got an Asus Zenbook Prime Ultrabook--the model number is UX31A. I hit a few roadblocks while I was trying to install NST, but after awhile I was able to get everything running smoothly. I figured I would share the process here in case anyone else runs into similar problems.

    1. This model comes with UEFI/Secure Boot in the form of an "Anti-Theft" setting in the BIOS. If this is enabled, you will have a hard time booting successfully from a Live USB. When it is disabled and you have a Live USB plugged in, the boot options will show two options for your USB drive:
      --UEFI: Manufacturer Name
      --Manufacturer Name
      You will need to select the one that is not prefixed by UEFI.

    2. When you are presented with the GRUB menu for the Live USB, be sure and select the "no GPT" option if you are planning to install to the hard drive. Otherwise, you will not be able to boot once your install is finished.

    3. While I have seen mixed reports about this, the wifi chipset did not work out-of-the-box for me, so I had to install the drivers manually. The correct drivers are located here:

    Just copy the .ucode file into /lib/firmware/ and reboot the machine.

    Finally, as a side note, I have tested this with both 32- and 64-bit versions of NST 2.16. Most of the Fn key combinations seem to work correctly. The only other issue I've seen is that the right-click button on the touch pad doesn't seem to work. This was not a big issue for me, since I use a wireless mouse most of the time, so I have not looked around to see if Asus made any Linux drivers for this touch pad. Double-tapping the touch pad, provided you enable tap-to-click in Settings, still works fine for right-clicking.

  • Ronald W. Henderson

    Thanks for the feedback. Maybe in the future you could add this as an article to the NST Wiki...


  • Ronald W. Henderson

    Nice job! Thanks for your contribution...


  • aryker

    aryker - 2012-12-13

    No problem! Hope it helps.


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