cdrom not mounting on dell d400

  • Greg Hughes

    Greg Hughes - 2005-01-13

    I have a dell d400 laptop with an external usb cdrom drive. I'm not prompted for a new password, I get a login prompt instead. I can login as root using the nst@2003 password but cannot run ifconfig to verify if my network card is working.

    I had this problem with the System Rescue CD and had to add the usbstick option to make it work.

    I'm not real familiar with the boot options and would welcome any help/ideas concerning this.



    • Paul Blankenbaker

      What version of the NST do you have?

      Support for full booting from external USB CD drives was not added until v1.2.0

      The booting of the NST goes through different stages:

      Stage 1: ISO Linux uses BIOS to load the initial kernel, drivers and scripts (this sounds like as far as you've gotten).

      Stage 2: The boot up scripts attempt to auto detect your hardware and install the necessary modules (drivers) such that the CDROM can be accessed and the remainder of the system can be loaded.

      It sounds to me like "Stage 2" is failing on you. This indicates:

        - You are booting a 1.0.6 NST (or earlier)

        - The USB device in your system is not supported by
          the current drivers in the NST distribution.

      If you know how to capture serial data, I can probably get a better idea of whats going on.

        1. Attach null modem cable between NST boot system and another system running a terminal program (minicom, hyperterminal, etc) set to 19200,n,8,1

        2. Tell your serial program to log data to disk

        3. Boot NST and type "server" as the boot option (this will spew the text out to the serial port at boot time).

        4. Post the information back to this thread.

      Good Luck,

      I you specify "laptop" at the boot prompt, it should


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