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NST 2.11.0 upgrade to 2.13.0

Ray Barlow
  • Ray Barlow

    Ray Barlow - 2010-10-07


    Is it possible to do an in place upgrade from a 2.11.0 hard disc install to 2.13.0? It's not a major issue as I've only just deployed 2.11.0 recently so not much to lose but wondered if it was possible rather than download iso and re-format etc


  • Paul Blankenbaker

    No, it is not possible to upgrade a NST 2.11.0 box to NST 2.13.0.

    If you have done a lot of configuration and tweaking, I would recommend that you make a copy of your /etc and /var/nst directories. You should be able to selectively copy some of these configuration and data files to your new installation (or if nothing else use them as a reference when setting up your new box).



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