Installing Snorby

  • Ronin

    Ronin - 2010-12-21

    Hi Paul;

    Is it possible to install Snorby 2.0 on NST?  If it is possible or has been done, are there any special considerations to be aware of prior to installing?

    Thank you in advance

  • Paul Blankenbaker

    Hello Ronnie:

    Unfortunately, we have not tried installing Snorby 2.0 on NST yet. While I'm guessing it would be possible to install it onto a NST system, it was a bit difficult for me to interpret the installation instructions at the Snorby 2.0 web site. I would suspect that the required packages are either present on the NST, could be yum installed or compiled from source.

    We will try to keep an eye on this project as it matures. Thanks for pointing it out.

    If you get it working under NST without too much trouble it would be helpful if you could post what you had to do. It might help other interested users as well as provide us with helpful information when we re-visit Snorby and figure out if we can build a RPM for  it.

    Have a Good Day,

  • Ronin

    Ronin - 2010-12-21

    Hi Paul;

    I will try it this week and let you know what I find….and yes if I can make it work I will let you know in this forum (step by step).  I am still working on squid to monitor web access and I am using squish and squint, so if I am successful I will let you know how I did it and provide details for you.

    Thank you for your help Paul;



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