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My email is W4Skater@aol.com.

I recently had a problem with NSISdl, version 1.3, when downloading with a redirected file that has a space in the redirection. IIS does not escape the redirection, not sure about apache, it is up to NSISdl to escape the new url for any redirection. I have attached a new httpget.cpp file that has the corrected change surrounded by // ESCAPE REDIRECTION.

I apologize as I cannot give an example of mine for this. The idea is when www.whatever.com/folder/file%20test.txt is redirected to foo.whatever.com/folder/file test.txt, the download fails as a bad request because in the packet there is a space rather than %20 for the redirected url, next to "Location: ".

Could this be put in future distributions of NSIS?

Thank you,


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    cpp file for NSISdl

  • Amir Szekely

    Amir Szekely - 2008-09-13
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  • Amir Szekely

    Amir Szekely - 2008-09-14

    Using InternetCanonicalizeUrl is not a good enough solution as it requires Internet Explorer to be installed in order to function and so will make NSISdl not work on all the versions of Windows it currently works on.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I understand why it is not a good enough solution. However, this is still a problem as redirection in this case doesn't work. Is anyone working to resolve this problem, even if it is canonicalized manually? I looked in the forums and couldn't find anyone with the same problem. For my purposes, I have switched InternetCanonicalizeUrl to UrlCanonicalize, which uses shlwapi. This again is not a universal solution, but I would definitely like to see a universal solution, so I don't have to check for changes in NSISdl.


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