Cron is back

My server is back from the dead. After replacing every part of it but the HD due to lightning strike, moving it 100 miles just to find out the HD was affected after all, replacing the HD, fighting with the OS to recognize the new SATA drive, reconfiguring it to connect through a different and crazy internet service; all while moving myself and all my stuff the same 100 miles, the server is finally back online.

Nightly builds have been done for some time now on Benski's server (thanks bensi!). Now that my server is up and running, all of the synchronization scripts for the Wiki have returned as well, including change log, forum posts, spam black lists and backups.

NSIS 2.28 will not have too many changes due to this chaos but hopefully 2.29 will see some exciting new changes.

Posted by Amir Szekely 2007-06-05

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