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nSIP / nSDP / News: Recent posts

nSDP2 - Now in planning

Because of the relatively new RFC 4566 for SDP, development on nSDP has stopped and nSDP2 is being planned for the new version. It begins design immediately, and there should be a roadmap up fairly soon for development. Look for some more information within the next couple of weeks!


Posted by August 2008-01-17

New work on nSDP under way

After a depressingly long silence, I am glad to announce that new work is underway in nSDP. Development has been very very slow lately due to school and other factors; also I seem to be the only active coder left on this project. Either way, the project will go on.

The new work on nSDP mostly consists of tests to ensure consistency and compliance with the standards. It has come to my attention that some of the parsing is fairly shoddy and not exactly true to RFC 2327, so my little project right now is to fix that up and get out a new version. Hopefully this goes quickly. Oh, and I refuse to give release-time estimates now :)

Posted by August 2007-03-16

Still working...

This is just a notice to all of those interested in the project that we are still working to be the first open source .NET SIP stack. We also plan to write up some core code for fully functioning UAs (with an API similar to TAPI maybe, but I'd like some feedback on this first. We'd like to create something familiar and easy to use and in order to do that we need to hear from people who are familiar with this kind of development.)... read more

Posted by August 2006-09-15

nSip SVN Transfer Success

The SVN of the nSip project now reflects the actual history of the files. This sounds trivial, but it took quite a while, since I've never done anything like this before. Through the use of rsync, svnadmin dump, svndumpfilter, and sourceforge's migration from svn dumpfile service, the data before stored in the gibphone SVN is now here in its new home in nSip.

Notable is the use of --drop-empty-revs and --renumber-revs, which means that nSip will 'start' on revision 123, since a number of the previous revisions were dropped, and it seems more elegant to have the numbers contiguous.... read more

Posted by Marc 2006-06-12

nSIP Under New Management!

After much inactivity, nSIP is under new management! nSIP will still be the first free and open source SIP stack for the .NET framework as it has promised, but now all development has been taken over by the makers of GibPhone.

For now we'll mostly be moving over all SIP relating projects from the GibPhone page over here, but look for some new work very soon. We are making much headway and the project is expected to be completed soon. We already have a functional SDP parser and SIP parser; the only thing left is stateful transaction management and transport.... read more

Posted by August 2006-06-10