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Project Moved

This project is no longer active on SourceForge.

Posted by Udi Dahan 2015-07-12

Usergroup video

Skills Matter have made the recording of the presentation "Asynchronous Enterprise .NET Applications with NServiceBus" available here:


Posted by Udi Dahan 2009-08-01

Version 1.9 RTM

After an extended and extremely stable release candidate phase, version 1.9 is now final.

Posted by Udi Dahan 2009-04-12

Accepting testing & documentation volunteers

Please contact testing at nservicebus.com or documentation at nservicebus.com respectively.

Posted by Udi Dahan 2009-01-12

NServiceBus Killer Features

Multiple inheritance using interface-based message contracts (with XML serialization).

Fully unit-testable long-running workflows.

Lightweight publish/subscribe messaging that "just works".

Posted by Udi Dahan 2009-01-12