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I have moved to a trac project site so feel free to add tickets and such there (forums will stay here for a while though)


Posted by Michael Medin 2006-11-18

New version out 0.2.5e

2006-02-08 MickeM
! Fixed filter-eventID in EventLog module (now works for all IDs regardless of severity state)
+ Added new filters to EventLog (filter-severity that can filter based on event severity success, error, warning, informational)

Posted by Michael Medin 2006-02-08

New version out 0.2.5d

2006-02-07 MickeM
+ Added new filter option to eventlog filter-eventID
+ Added new operator to all numeric filters in:number,number,... etc. (for instance filter-eventID=in:123,456,789 to check for lists.

Posted by Michael Medin 2006-02-07

New version out 0.2.5b

2006-02-05 MickeM
+ Added CheckFile check command
This new command (in development) will allow various file checks such as age, size, date, etc on single or multiple files.
+ Added FILEAGE support to NSClient
+ Started to convert the webpage to WIKI

Posted by Michael Medin 2006-02-06

New version out 0.2.5a

New version out, fixes the pesky NT4 bug (should be all working now *I hope*)

Also in this release is a new CheckModule that checks WMI queries this is just an idea and I need feedback to be able to improve it so please let me know how you would like to use WMI queries. I will also fix some better error handling and write up some simple docs (for now look in the changelog to see how to use the WMI check).
To put it simply:
CheckWMI MaxWarn=10 MaxCrit=15 "Query:load=Select LoadPercentage from win32_Processor"... read more

Posted by Michael Medin 2006-01-21

New version out 0.2.4h

Minor fixes in this version

* Fixed ChangeServiceConfig2 on NT4
+ Added support for more then 4GB memory (8GB?)
Since I dont have this much memory this needs to be verified...
* Fixed syntax of performance data

Posted by Michael Medin 2006-01-02

New version out 0.2.4g

Minor additions, updates to the documentation as well as a bugfix.

* Fixed memory size bug (free and used were swapped)
+ Added option to debug all PDH counters /debugpdh
+ Added support for checking service by display name

// MickeM

Posted by Michael Medin 2005-09-26

New version out 0.2.4e

Minor additions and requests

First off sorry for the long delay, but summer means nice weather and the mountainbike has to get some attention too :)

No update of documentation (again) but hopefully the next week will give me some time to update them and then I hope to have a new release as in with update docs and such.

Changes in this version:

+ Added ShowAll=long to CPULoad
+ Added several new types to checkMem (type=paged, type=physical, type=page, type=virtual)

Posted by Michael Medin 2005-09-05

New version out 0.2.4c

Mainly fixes som minor issues, also adds support for FreeSpace checks (in addition to UsedSpace check) as well as "long description support" and a reworked EventLog checker.

No updated documentation yet but hopefully all outstanding issues has been fixed.

Extract from change log:
+ /install now sets the serive to autostart
+ Added service description
* added /listpdh option added to list all pdh counters
* Eventlog reworked (again) this time I hope it is better
+ Added support for ShowAll=long (to show more information)
+ Extended Drive and memory check syntax to facilitate both Free and Used space checks: MaxWarnFree / MaxWarnUsed etc)
* Changed thread API to use _creatthreadex as opposed to _creatthread (works better now!)
* Fixed UNKNOWN return code (was 4 should have been 3)
* Fixed drivechecks from NSClient

Posted by Michael Medin 2005-07-31

New version out 0.2.4b

This fixes a bug in the NSClient USEDDISKSPACE argument parsing code.

Posted by Michael Medin 2005-07-16

New version out 0.2.4

Mainly bugfixes but a few new features are in there. For details wait till the next version what will have update documentation. I wanted to realse this as soon as possible as thhe 0.2.2 was pretty broken.

// MickeM

Posted by Michael Medin 2005-07-12

New version out 0.2.2

A few nice things have been updated.

Auto detection for language and version of windows (should simply configuration).
Also the EventLog checker has gotten some basic documentation and a reworked interface. It is now much simpler to use and more streamlined. So feel free to try out and let me know what you think.

Posted by Michael Medin 2005-06-09

New version out 0.2.1

Not that much new things, a few bugs fixed.

Fixed PROCSTATE and SERVICESTATE return state.
Added support for individual size in CheckDriveSize and CheckFileSize (size has to be specified before a drive/path)
Fixed performance data for drives (and possibly other places)

Posted by Michael Medin 2005-05-29

New version out 0.2.0

Has many new features and some enhancements as well as NT4 Compatibility (verified this time).

* Multitasking support for requests.
* NRPE support for checkCounter
* CheckHelpers module to alter the result of various check and similar things
* Support for Volumes (CheckDisk)
* Support for checking all drives
* Support for altering filter (makes it possible to check removable/network drives)
* Webpage and better documentation
* Obfuscated password support (try NSClient++ /encrypt)
* Central host/password options in INI file (look for [Settings])... read more

Posted by Michael Medin 2005-05-23

Fixed major bug

Forgot to mention the NSClientListsner bug I fixed. It was causing check_nt to SEGV on occation :/.

Posted by Michael Medin 2005-04-28

New version out

New version out has a few new interesting features.
* Added new Process Parser and documented some options so perhaps now it will run under NT4
* Added multitasking sockets (still no multitasking requests yet though)

Posted by Michael Medin 2005-04-28

Just found the news...

I will try to post messages here from now on when I things happens

Posted by Michael Medin 2005-04-28

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