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  • Michael Fuller

    Michael Fuller - 2007-04-24

    How do we exclude a service with special characters in the name?

    For example I have a service with is relating to ACT!9 and that has a ! in the service name. I cannot figure out the correct escaping for this.

    I have figured out if the service name has a space you type it as follows: "exclude=service name"  however if you try a similar format for special characters it breaks.

    Any Ideas?

    • markiit

      markiit - 2007-04-27

      try 'ACT!9'

      Seems to work for me with $ in the middle of services.

    • Michael Fuller

      Michael Fuller - 2007-04-30

      I should have been more specific.

      The service is called "ACT! Scheduler" as from the output and service definition in Services:

      CRITICAL:CRITICAL: ACT! Scheduler: stopped (critical)

      I have tried:
      "exclude=ACT! Scheduler"
      'exclude=ACT! Scheduler'
      exclude='ACT! Scheduler'
      exclude="ACT! Scheduler"
      "exclude=ACT!\ Scheduler"
      'exclude=ACT!\ Scheduler'
      exclude='ACT!\ Scheduler'
      exclude="ACT!\ Scheduler"

      With mixed error messages but none work.

      Any help appreciated.


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