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NSCL SpecTcl Histogramming system / News: Recent posts

Using GIT

SpecTcl's repsitory has been converted to GIT if you want to contribute please -- let us know so you can get write access. Clone from the Git tab, branch, modify, commit and push. Let one of the project members know about the push and we will do the merge from your branch into the appropriate SpecTcl branch.

Posted by Ron Fox 2015-11-24

Q4 2007 new releases

The following new releases of SpecTcl have been posted:


Furthermore, in preparation for the decommissioning of these releases, all versions of SpecTcl prior to 3.0 have been marked inactive and can no longer be downloaded.

Posted by Ron Fox 2008-01-03

2.1, 2.2 End of life announced

SpecTcl 2.1, and 2.2 have been designated end of life.
What this means:
1. No more modifications to these versions of SpecTcl will be performed.
2. Beginning with the first rollout of software at the NSCL following
January 1, 2008, these versions will no longer be available on standard
NSCL systems, but only on specific nscl system(s) designated as running
obsolete software.
3. The sourceforge packages will continue to be available in their current state.
4. The official response to errors reported against these versions beginning now will be
"upgrade to SpecTcl 3.0 or later and see me if this error still exists".... read more

Posted by Ron Fox 2007-10-11

New Releases

I have posted the following new released:

Posted by Ron Fox 2007-10-11

New Releases

Maintenance releases for SpecTcl-2.1,2.2,3.0 have been posted as well as a new pre-release for SpecTcl 3.1

Posted by Ron Fox 2006-04-17

New releases posted.

New maintenance releases for SpecTcl 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0 have been uploaded today. In addition Pre Release 3 of SpecTcl-3.1 has been uploaded.
This release contains a new unified SpecTcl GUI.

Posted by Ron Fox 2006-01-13

New releases

The following new releases have been posted:
SpecTcl 2.1-017 - a maintenance release of 2.1
SpecTcl2.2-003 - a maintenance release of 2.2
SpecTcl3.0-pre3 - Pre release 3 of 3.0. The final public release of SpecTcl3.0 is tentatively scheduled for June 20, 2005

Posted by Ron Fox 2005-05-24

SpecTcl-3.0pre2 marries with TopologiLinux

A new release of SpecTcl-3.0pre2 has been produced, thakns to Tim Hoagland. This version is packaged as Slackware source and binaries built to run on Topologi-linux.
Topologilinux is a Slacware based Linux that includes and installs on cooperative linux (coLinux), which is a "linux running concurrently with windows".
This packaging makes SpecTcl available on the desktops of Windows users.

Posted by Ron Fox 2005-04-26

SpecTcl2.1 released

In addition to bug squashing, this release includes the following new functionality:
- Parameters are now floating point values.
- Spectra can have arbitrary binning over slices
of parameter space.
- Pre-sort filtering has been implemented.
- Xamine's maximum spectrum count has been
increased to 5000 (from 999).
- Xamine implements destroy callbacks on all cached
widgets. This should fix most of the crash
problems seen to this date.
Other bugfixes (SpecTcl's bugs are at rather than here):
31: 2d's spectrum displays missing last chan (Xamine)
61: Crash on writing grobjs to file. (Xamine)
67: Online-offline switch can crash SpecTcl.
69: Xamine allowed invalid coordinates to be
accepted for gates and summing regions.

Posted by Ron Fox 2004-01-19

SpecTcl-1.1-001 released

This is a maintenance release.
New Features:
- Production mode printing using the GPL Gri package included Acknowledgements to:
Dan E. Kelley internet: Dan.Kelley@Dal.CA
Oceanography Department phone: (902)494-1694
Dalhousie University fax: (902)494-2885
Halifax, NS, CANADA, B3H 4J1 WWW: read more

Posted by Ron Fox 2002-08-23

SpecTcl-1.1 released

This is a maintenenance release of SpecTcl. It incorpoprates:
- fixes to CPipeFile that cause SpecTcl to Segflt on some attach -pipe commands.

- Fixes to to deal with the change in the name of the -transparency switch on import to -transparent.

- Fixes to CFile to deal with problems opening CIFS
served files on CYGWIN (add O_BINARY switch).

Posted by Ron Fox 2002-07-11

SpecTcl 1.0_010

Edit release 10 of SpecTcl 1.0 is a maintenance release of the software which incorporates fixes to intermittent problems with Xamine.
- Fixes crashes on window file reads with long
window file filenames.
- Fixes Problems with Print setup dialog crashing

Posted by Ron Fox 2002-04-24

contrib directory added

I have created a contrib subdirectory in the CVS repository on sourceforge
for SpecTcl. If you have SpecTcl contributions to add, please email me
and I will create a subdirectory for you and send you instructions about
how to add files to your directory.

- Be sure that you split your contributions up functionally (one directory
per functionality) so that people can easily pull your stuff down.

- the contrib directory tree will be copied unmodified to the installation
diretories of SpecTcl beginning with version 1.0.
e.g. your stuff will be in $(INSTDIR)/current/contrib/whateveritscalled.... read more

Posted by Ron Fox 2002-02-01

Version 1.0 released.

I have uploaded a new tarball for version 1.0. Several errors, serious and minor have been fixed. The most notable additions are support for:
MAC-OSx (OS=Darwin)
WinNt under cygwin [see for download information (OS=CYGWIN)

Posted by Ron Fox 2001-10-23

Application notes.

A new directory has been added to the CVS repository: AppNotes. This directory will be included in distributions and will contain a set of Application notes which will be built up over time.

Posted by Ron Fox 2001-09-10

Sources uploaded

The SpecTcl development tree has now been uploaded
to sourceforge at

Anyone interested in contributing, contact Ron Fox:

Posted by Ron Fox 2001-08-17

Initial Source Forge Release

This marks the release of SpecTcl-0.4 while the number indicates a pre-release version, the software is quite stable and has been in use at the NSCL for close to a year now.

Posted by Ron Fox 2001-08-07