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Using Git

The subversion repository is now obsolete and will soon be removed. We are now using git. If you want to contribute

  • Let us know so we can add you to the projecdt
  • Pull down a clone of the git repo.
  • Make a feature branch for the stuff you want to contribute.
  • commit and push your branch
  • Let us know and we'll take care of merging your feature(s) into the appropriate nscldaq branch.... read more
Posted by Ron Fox 2015-11-24


..has now been released and is current.

Posted by Ron Fox 2015-02-23


The C++ encapsulation of libTcl has been separated into a new product. See the libtcl++ directory to get it. Note that tarballs for nscldaq and nsclspectcl will include an export of specific tags of libtcl++ to remove any requirement that you install libtcl++ prior to installing those products.

The libtcl++ distribution can also generate debian packages by issuing the following command while in the top level directory of the unrolled tarball:... read more

Posted by Ron Fox 2013-10-08

New releases 2007 rollout.

The following new releases of software have been uploaded:


These are maintenance releases. In preparation for their decommissioning at the NSCL, releases prior to 8.0 have been deactivated and can no longer be downloaded.

Posted by Ron Fox 2008-01-03


The nscldaq 7.3 and 7.4 are now officially designated as end of life. Specifically:

The following versions of the NSCLDAQ software have been
designated as end of life: 7.3, 7.4, 7.4-jumbobuf

What this means is:
1. No more modifications to these versions of nscldaq will be performed.
2. Beginning with the first rollout of software at the NSCL following
January 1, 2008, these versions will no longer be available on standard
NSCL systems, but only on specific nscl system(s) designated as running
obsolete software.
3. The sourceforge packages will continue to be available in their current state.
4. The official response to errors reported against these versions beginning now will be
"upgrade to nscldaq 8.0 or later and see me if this error still exists".
5. The jumbo buffer capability will be migrated either to a separate branch of
8.0 or later software, or its capabilities will be merged into other stable branches
(jumbo buffer capability means support for buffer and event sizes larger than 65Kwords,
and is used for production running by the MoNA collaboration at the NSCL).

Posted by Ron Fox 2007-10-11

New releases 8.0-011 8.1-004

I have uploaded new releases of the client software:
nscldaq, 8.0-011 and 8.1-004

Posted by Ron Fox 2007-10-11

New uploads for 2005b

Maintenance releases have been uploaded for:
nscldaq versions 7.3, 7.4, 8.0
bufdump vresion 1.0

In addition pre release 4 of nscldaq has been released.

See the changelogs for further information.

Posted by Ron Fox 2006-01-13

bufdump - Version 1.0 released

Version 1.0 of buffer formatting program for NSCL DAQ buffers has been released. This program is a pure Tcl script that is distributed not only in source format, but also in standalone binary for Windows-32 and Linux-X86 thanks to Starpack Technology distributed freely by equi4.com.

This software will be installed at the NSCL January 2006.

Posted by Ron Fox 2006-01-02

nscldaq-8.0pre3 and maint releases

The following releases have been uploaded and made available today:
nscldaq-7.4-004 - A maintenance release of the 7.4 version.
nscldaq-8.0-pre3 - Pre release 3 of 8.0 The planned final public release date for 8.0 is June 13, 2005.

Posted by Ron Fox 2005-05-24


This is a maintenance release of the 7.3 version. See the release notes for more information.

Posted by Ron Fox 2004-03-10


This release:
- Separates the device libraries from the readout software
- Implements a semaphore to serialize access to the
vme between readout and Tcl applications.
- Provides support for SIS VME scaler and coinc.
- Adds the CAENV812 control panel to the contrib
directories (thanks to M. Famiano and A. Zalessov)
- Adds scriptable readout, scalers to the contrib dir.
- Adds support for small pedestals on e.g.
- Cleaned up buffer formatting problems in prod
- Vetted external source of run parameters via
Tclserver functionality in Pro. readout.

Posted by Ron Fox 2004-01-19

Version 7.1-005

Verions 7.1-005 is a maintenance release. It fixes several GUI bugs and closes a hole in the automated end of run support for the old readout skeletons.

Posted by Ron Fox 2003-03-31

Release 7.1-001

Release 7.1-001 is the first stable release of the NSCL data acquisition clients to sourceforge. At present, to use it you must have first:
1. installed the SBS/Bit3 VME device driver (received
with your card).
2. installed spectrodaq (at present available only from
NSCL but soon to be uploaded here too).

If you are an existing NSCL DAQ users, this release is probably well suited as an upgrade distribution.

Posted by Ron Fox 2003-02-12

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