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nQuake v2.3 for Linux released

It's been over a year now since the Linux version of nQuake was updated. Now the time has come! Addon support and code cleanup for all. Enjoy!

Posted by Empezar 2014-03-17

nQuakesv v1.6 for Windows released

There have been two versions released since last news update. They bring the same updates as nQuake version 2.7 and 2.8.

Changelog for nQuakesv version 1.5 and 1.6:

  • Added option to re-download all setup files (in case of bad local setup files).
  • Added option to remove all setup files during uninstallation.
  • Setup now checks whether pak0.pak or pak1.pak exists in destination folder before copying.
  • Fixed the bug where file copies (pak0.pak/pak1.pak) were displayed (Explorer copy files) during setup.
Posted by Empezar 2014-03-16

nQuake v2.8 for Windows released

Since v2.6 there have been two updates. They bring bug fixes and minor improvements that make the setup process a bit more pleasant.

Combined changelog for version 2.7 and 2.8:

  • Added option to re-download setup files during installation.
  • Added option to remove setup files during uninstallation.
  • Setup now checks if pak0.pak exists at copy destination before copying it.
  • Fixed the bug where file copies (pak0.pak/pak1.pak) were displayed (Explorer copy files) during setup.
Posted by Empezar 2014-03-16

nQuakesv v1.4 for Windows released

This version brings a more intelligent full version scanner, which means the user will less often have to browse around for the full version PAK file. If the user places setup files alongside the installer, nQuake will use these instead of downloading. The Quake PAK files will be backed up locally if the user chooses not to remove setup files during setup. A couple bugs have been fixed, and the code has been improved.

Posted by Empezar 2013-10-13

nQuake v2.6 for Windows released

This version brings back the file association page during setup. Bugs have been fixed and the code has been generally improved. The Quake PAK files will now be backed up to the setup files folder (formerly known as distribution files folder) if the user chooses to keep them during setup. This will allow for very fast installations in the future. If any setup file has been updated it will be downloaded even if it's available locally, as always. Users who still cling on to nQuake versions lower than 2.0 will need to download a new nQuake executable from the website.

Posted by Empezar 2013-10-13

nQuakesv v1.3 for Windows released

This is a small bug fix version that fixes the incorrectly calculated download size.

Posted by Empezar 2013-10-11

nQuake v2.5 for Windows released

This update brings you addon support. You can finally download high resolution textures, team fortress and clan arena without so much as one extra click. Demo files and QTV files are now automatically associated during setup. And finally, the download size is now correctly calculated, after I don't know how many releases. Enjoy.

Posted by Empezar 2013-10-11

nQuakesv v1.2 for Windows released

This version adds a shortcut to start all installed servers. They start minimized to reduce the obtrusiveness. Addons now get server configurations (for mvdsv) during setup. The update also fixes a CSS/image bug with QTV. With this update, the distribution files for the Team Fortress addon and Clan Arena addon have been updated, and confirmed to work.

Posted by Empezar 2013-10-07

nQuakesv v1.1 for Windows released

In this version of nQuakesv, the default administrator name is your current Windows user. The server hostname also has a touch of the current user. This makes for simple "one click" installations during LAN parties.

Posted by Empezar 2013-09-14

nQuakesv v1.3 for Linux released

This release fixes a few bugs that were causing quite a lot of problems with basically everything that nQuakesv does. In short, files were not dos2unixified correctly, which caused server scripts and configurations to not work.

Posted by Empezar 2013-09-14

nQuake v2.41 released

Version 2.41 of nQuake brings one simple change. The configuration window now shows the current user as the default player name.

Posted by Empezar 2013-09-14

nQuake for Linux and Mac OS X

I am glad to announce that nQuake has finally reached Linux and Mac OS X. It started out as a small hack to make installing nQuake on Linux a bit smoother than running it through Wine. But as time went on, the installer grew more advanced. And as more time went on, it got ported to OS X (not much work since OS X is a UNIX operating system).

Sure, people might still want graphical installers for both Linux and Mac OS X (the users of the latter OS are probably more keen on seeing an installer with a GUI). But the bash script currently used is actually a lot faster than the GUI installer seen in Windows.... read more

Posted by Empezar 2007-11-05

How to host an nQuake mirror

See the forum post on how to host an nQuake mirror:


Posted by Empezar 2007-08-18