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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Are there any plans to post a binary for a newer compile off CVS?  Just curious.  I understand this takes work.

    Thanks for the binaries, by the way...

    • Drew

      Drew - 2004-12-04

      Likewise. Any news on this? Thanks.

    • Stefan Daschek

      Stefan Daschek - 2005-01-31

      I just released a new version based on sources taen from CVS on 2005-01-30. Sorry for the long delay, I hope to get back to a more regular release schedule.

      • Drew

        Drew - 2005-02-02

        Thanks very much; I'll give it a try. I assume that this is the URL: http://nqmacs.sourceforge.net/.

        BTW, the files at that URL don't have the same names as the files listed in the Release Notes at that URL. And there is no src zip file.

        • Stefan Daschek

          Stefan Daschek - 2005-02-02

          The project website you mentioned offers only  convenient shortcuts for downloading some files of the latest release; please consider http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=92168
          as definitive URL for downloading all files and releases.

          Are you sure there are differences between the file names mentioned at http://nqmacs.sourceforge.net and the ones mentioned in the release notes? I just checked it and did not see any differences.

          • Drew

            Drew - 2005-02-02

            Thanks. I wasn't aware of that URL (!).

            My bad for the file names - no pb.


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