2005-06-26 version -- line motion bugs

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am not entirely certain, but it appears that the 06-26 version contains cursor motion bugs (where C-p and C-n and some other line motion commands behaved oddly) introduced into CVS Emacs sometime in June and fixed perhaps a few days later or in early July.  Is there any hope of getting an updated version with these fixed sometime soon? 

    I really appreciate having precompiled win binaries by the way.  Thank you very much for providing them.  I try to keep up to date and report bugs, but cannot rebuild Emacs on Windows myself.  (I do rebuild it regulalry on Solaris.)

    Can anyone confirm (or deny) that the C-p/C-n bugs are in 06-26?

    • Stefan Daschek

      Stefan Daschek - 2005-07-13

      I've encountered bugs when moving through info buffers (seems to be related to the existence of a header line). However, I haven't seen any bugs concerning cursor motion in "ordinary" buffers yet. I'm afraid I won't have the time to make a new release in the next few weeks unless I encounter some really severe bugs that make Emacs unusable for me ...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for a quick reply.  I have not encountered anything that made Emacs completely unusable, yet.  I've seen some weird cursor behavior in gnus.  Nothing else that I remember offhand.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The emacs is completely unusable for debugging with gdb (and in this way for development too) in this case

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have a dual screen setup, with the task bar on the *right* screen and the *left* screen has effectively negative positions.

      When I run NQMACS on the *right* screen the scroll wheel works fine.

      When I run NQMACS on the *left* screen the scroll wheel returns
      '<nil> <wheel-down> is undefined' or
      '<nil> <wheel-up> is undefined'.

      Standard EMACS 21.3 does not exhibit this behaviour.

      This _might_ be related??


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