Tramp is slow

  • Nelson E. Ingersoll


       I just picked up Emacs from here.  I am quite interested in the remote file functions of 'tramp'.  Up to now I've used Emacs 21.3 from and ange-ftp quite successfully.  However, the generally more secure and added functions of tramp are interesting. 

       That said, out of the box on my Windows XP Pro (sp2) system tramp is really slow.  5-10x slower than ange-ftp to look at the same directory.  I have looked around a little for information about tram[s' speed; but, haven't found anything.   I connect to Slackware 9, Tru64 4.0d, Sun OS 5.8, and VMS 7.1 over broadband VPN.

       Is this an issue that others have faced?  Does anyone have suggestions which would result in faster operation of tramp?  It's speed is a show-stopper problem for me. 

        Thank you for you fine efforts! 

    Nelson Ingersoll

    • Stefan Daschek

      Stefan Daschek - 2005-01-31

      Same for me, tramp is noticeable slower than ange-ftp. It does seem to be a general problem, not specific to your or mine setup. Did you already post your question on the tramp-mailinglist?


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