Error when loading elc

  • Christophe Lallement

    i have error when i launch emacs (with runemacs.exe)
    for example:
    Loading c:/TEMP/emacs- (source)
    apply: End of file during parsing: c:/TEMP/emacs-

    and emacs loading package stop. i have this error on all elc file.

    i run emacs under a windows XP Pro pc.
    i have tried with another precompiled version found on net and i have the same error.

    if you have a nidea ?

    • Stefan Daschek

      Stefan Daschek - 2004-05-03

      There is obviusly something going wrong: Emacs tries to interpret the file edmacro.elc as source file although it is byte-compiled. I have no idea what might be causing this error.

      As you are saying that the problem is not specific to the nqmacs-build of Emacs: Please ask in the newsgroup, maybe somebody can help you there.


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