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no menu bars

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    hi, downloaded

    GNU Emacs (i386-mingw-windows98.3000) of 2005-01-30 on NONIQPC

    and it seems to work well (that nasty calc bug in the last release is fixed at least), but how do i get menu bars? the tool bar is there (i don't like it so I always disable it) but no menu bars... Starting runemacs -q on Win ME.

    • Stefan Daschek

      Stefan Daschek - 2005-02-07

      I cannot reproduce this problem here (WinXP): Starting Emacs via runemacs -q gives a normal emacs window including toolbar and menubar. It may be a common problem for Emacs under Win ME, please post your question to <> or <>.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I can reproduce this problem with under Win ME where the toolbar cannot be turned on and there are no fold-down menus under the menu icons. Toolbar and menu work under Win XP pro.

        This does not appear to be a common emacs problem: GNU Emacs 21.3.1 (i386-mingw-windows98.3000) of 2004-03-10 on NYAUMO does show the toolbar under Win ME.


      • Aaron S. Hawley

        Aaron S. Hawley - 2005-05-13

        I can reproduce it on Windows 98/SE

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I, too, can reproduce this bug on WinME.  From fresh install of most recent snapshot,


      "nqmacs message"


      >M-x menu-bar-mode

      "Menu-Bar mode disabled."

      "Menu-bar mode disabled.  Use M-x menu-bar-mode to make the menu bar appear."

      >M-x menu-bar-mode

      "Menu-Bar mode enabled"

      Still no menu bar.  Nor any toolbar functionality other than icons and tooltips.

      On 12 February 2005 someone verified nqmacs 2005-01-30 snapshot menu-bar-mode  worked under Win XP,  but not underWin  95 nor WinME, though he noted it worked under 95/ME with nqmacs 2004-07-26 snapshot.      Still no response to list he was directed towards.

    • Stefan Daschek

      Stefan Daschek - 2005-07-13
    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks for your rapid response.  I certainly wouldn't have dreamed of looking for a response on the emacs-devel list - I'm a mere wannabe emacs user.

      Menu bars are an important bridge to keychord literacy for both the Windows habituated &/or the emacs newbie, such as myself.  Support for lesser and older operating systems, on literally throw-away hardware, is also important for those who want to believe emacs may be a viable,  no (economic) cost, and, above all, truly cross-platform solution for editing, among other things,  *incrementally validated XML*: e.g., nxml-mode, a killer app for emacs.  Both DocBook and the Text Encoding Initiative (DocBook's older brother, optimized for more complex texts, esp. in the humanities) are moving away from DTDs and towards relaxng schemas, and emacs nxml-mode for real-time help with semantic markup is of broad interest.  But I digress. 

      nqmacs has a place waiting on older hardware and operating systems.  But not without menu bars.

      It can be done.

      TEI-Emacs menu bars seem to work fine on Win ME - clicking Help | About GNU Emacs returns:

      This is GNU Emacs (i386-mingw-windows98.3000) on SERVER

      So it *can* be done on Win 9x/ME, their unicode issues notwithstanding. 

      Hope this helps you narrow nqmacs problem with rendering menu bars under 9x/ME; it appears soluble on packager's end, not (only) emacs developers' (or Bill Gate's) end. 

      I'd really like to see visible and workable menu bars for nqmacs as the only other distro I've used, TEI-Emacs,  is about a 38 MB download, trimmed down from a 58 MB version that included Tex et al, but still too much to expect of those with no need for more than a free or dirt- cheap dial up  connection.  I can think of many starving scholars (one in particular!) very interested in semantic markup, in real need of Emacs' nxml-mode, but also desiring an even easier, more Windows-like, user interface than TEI-Emacs bundle of standard emacs and nxml-mode. This seems to me a real niche for your distro.

      One of the great appeals of nqmacs, besides being a *fairly regularly released CVS snapshot* of the latest and presumably greatest emacs, is that it is more reasonable ~11 MB download, and also that it, or some other recent CVS emacs, is a prerequisite for the well thought out emacs-newbie-friendly keybindings known as EASYEmacs.

      nqmacs + EasyMacs (nqml-mode + familiar keybindings) promises to give newbies the functionality of TEI-Emacs in what is very likely a more palatable form for grad students and others in need of such a free, and better, alternative to Oxygen, XMLSpy, etc. 

      Looks like a good niche for scratching an itch that may be more widely felt than reported here, or elsewhere.

      Good luck, and keep up the good work!


      • Stefan Daschek

        Stefan Daschek - 2005-07-13

        I totally agree with you about the importance of menu bars. But I'm afraid that I can not solve this bug (in fact I don't have any detailled knowlegde about Emacs' internal structure, I've just figured out a way to compile CVS Emacs more or less painlessly on my Windows box).

        Have you already sent a bug report (using M-x report-emacs-bug RET)? I'm not sure if anyone of Emacs' maintainers is aware that this bug still exists under WinME.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      errata: my last message mis-stated size of nqmacs: 24 MB; 11 MB was for Lisp source; C source also available, and of interest, though, as Augustine might have said, give me chastity and C source code, but please God, not yet!


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