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version 1.0 has been released

We consider that PTT is now enough mature to release version 1.0 of this tool. A test suite has been added and some remaining bugs have been fixed.

PTT comes into two flavours: the traditional package for users, and a ptt_dev package provided for people who would like to contribute.

Posted by Guillaume Duranceau 2006-06-30

development frozen until version 1.0

The 0.90.0 release is a first step towards 1.0 release. Development is frozen: bugs will be corrected, we plan to provide a test suite for PTT, but new functionalities won't be added.

Posted by Guillaume Duranceau 2006-05-22

Tool to measure contention

A new tool is available in PTT version 0.90.0. It displays information about contention in multi-threaded applications:
- contention per thread
- contention per NPTL object (mutex, barrier, cond-var, semaphore)
- contention per couple [thread - NPTL object]

We hope that this tool could help developers to improve performance in their applications.

Posted by Guillaume Duranceau 2006-05-22