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Project NProcessAS

We now started the Application Server project "NProcessAS". The aim of the project is to build a complete out-of-the-box application server for .NET, based on the NProcessMx microkernel. More information unter, or under the project page under


Posted by Alexander Reif 2009-06-24

NProcessMx 0.3 on the way

We just finished extending the AOP part of NProcessMx. Other things to do are fix some minor bugs and finally finish to documentation and tutorial part of NProcessMx.

Stay tuned!

Posted by Alexander Reif 2009-05-13

NProcessMx 0.2 released

We released NProcessMx 0.2.1494. The keyfeatures of this new release are:
- Full AOP support
- Installer improved
- Updater delivered with the microkernel
- Several bug fixes

If you have NProcessMx 0.1 running, please download this release and install it. Please uninstall NProcessMx 0.1 before installing 0.2. If you find any bugs or have any questions, have a look in our bug tracker or in our forums. You find both on our homepage under read more

Posted by Alexander Reif 2009-04-23

NProcessMx now with updater

NProcessMx now has an updater. The upcoming release 0.2 will have a full featured updater, which can be used to automatically look for updates, download them and start them immediately.

We still have a lot to do for the upcoming release, so stay tuned!


Posted by Alexander Reif 2009-04-22

Added first examples

We finally added the first examples and tutorials for the current NProcessMx release. You can download them from the svn trunk. We will integrate them into further releases of course.

Have fun! Your NProcessMx Team

Posted by Alexander Reif 2009-04-02

Work on NProcessMx 0.2 started

We now started the work on NProcessMx 0.2. For more information for the upcoming features, have a look into our bug tracker on our homepage.
Here are some of the features
* AOP support
* Annotations for service configuration
* Bug fixes
* [...]

So, stay tuned!

Posted by Alexander Reif 2009-03-09

NProcessMx 0.1 released!

This is the first release of the NProcessMx microkernel. NProcessMx is a fast, lightweight and very small .NET Application server which can be run standalone or embedded into existing .NET applications. This release needs .NET 2.0 or Mono 2.0 to run.

NProcessMx features:
- Real hot-deployment
- Easy configuration via XML descriptor files
- Embeddable
- Integrated service architecture
- Dynamic assembly loading
- Dependency injection
- Attribute injection
- Unique application domain for every service instance
- And lot more ... check it out!

Posted by Alexander Reif 2009-02-27

NProcessMx 0.1 nearly finished

Whuh! We needed more time than we thought to finish the most importan core elements for NProcessMx, but: we have done it! Most parts of the NProcessMx microkernel are now working like charm. We still have some points to do before we can release the 0.1 version of NProcessMx, but this won't take as much time.

What is currently implemented (and working) in NProcessMx:
- Hot-deployment/-undeployment
- Dynamic proxy type generation
- Service framework (create/start/stop/destroy services, service dependencies, etc.)
- Service instance injection
- Attribute injection
- Customizable logging
- Integrated deployers for services and assemblies
- Deployer for ZIP archives... read more

Posted by Alexander Reif 2009-02-23

NProcessMx: now supports dynamic type proxies

NProcessMx is a lightweight and easy exendable .Net Application Server which can be used standalone or embedded into existing applications. A key feature of NProcessMx is the modular architecture and the hot-deployment support.

We made a big step to version 0.1! The NProcessMx microkernel now supports dynamic type proxies! This enables us to wrap every class to a proxy of our own, which can be called from different appdomains.... read more

Posted by Alexander Reif 2009-01-26

NProcessMx now supports services

Finally it's done! NProcessMx is now supporting services within it's structures.

Other things done:
- Undeployment is now also affecting AppDomains
- Some documentation tasks
- Installer created (using NSIS)

The first release (0.1) is comming soon, so here are the last steps:
- Finish source code documentation
- Implement naming service
- Implement automatic runtime proxy class generation
- Extract Zip and Assembly deployer to be separate services (the aim is that EVERYTHING which not belongs to the core is implemented as external service, which can be hot-deployed/-undeployed, changed, reconfigured, etc...)... read more

Posted by Alexander Reif 2009-01-09

Deployment working

Finally it's done! Deployment is now fully working. The whole deployment and undeployment process is working as it should. We are pretty proud of it: It's fast, flexible, works recursivly and it's very easy extendable.

Todo for the first release:
- Implement management structures for services provided
- Add service deployer
- Finish documentation tasks
- Rework windows service interfaces
- Add installer... read more

Posted by Alexander Reif 2008-12-23

Hot deployment working using AppDomains

The first draft of the deployment architecture is working. The deployers, which can be added dynamically, can deploy files and also load them into an existing or new AppDomain. The AppDomain structure is hierarchically.

By offering the abillity to deploy files in unique AppDomains, it is possible to use different versions of the same assembly at the same time. And by offering an open deployment architecture, it is very easy to develop and deploy your own deployer. As one of the basic deployers, there is the ZIP Archive Deployer. This deployer automatically extracts all files contained in a ZIP file into a temporary folder, creates a new AppDomain for those files and enqueues the contained files to be deployed within the new AppDomain. This gives you the possibility to distribute one single archive, containing your application and all needed third-party-libs, to your customers without getting in trouble because of different lib versions or something like that, because your whole application will be deployed in a seperate AppDomain.... read more

Posted by Alexander Reif 2008-12-17

Log system reworked and first AppDomain usage implemented

We finally completely refactored the log system. It's now a single project which can be used in other projects too and best thing is: Now, the initialization is completely automatic. The only things you have to do: provide the needed classes in the classpath and load a configuration file.
The new logging system automatically instanciates the needed classes and also injects the attributes by invokation. There will be a short example in our wiki in short time.... read more

Posted by Alexander Reif 2008-12-15

Hot deployment working

NProcessMx has now a working hot deployment mechanismn. The microkernel has a transparent and extendable interface for hot deployment for any kind of file. The current trunk state has an implementation of an ZIP archive deployer, which extracts automatically an ZIP archive and deploys all containing files. The deployment is able to work recursivly (e.g. Depl.A -> Depl.A -> Depl.A -> ... -> Depl.B). The next tasks will be to add deployers for several other basic tasks (.NET Assembly deployers, service deployers, etc...).

Posted by Alexander Reif 2008-12-03