#1 Adding support for english to telugu conversion


As we had translation support from english -> hindi, it would be good if we have translation support from english -> telugu.
could you please provide this support?


  • Sreedhar Reddy V

    hello shaleen,

    i saw the code in source forge for your translate plugin.

    i observed that, the soap url for translation is hard coded as "http://api.microsofttranslator.com/V2"

    and this microsoft soap url does not have option for english-> telugu translation.

    but there are other soap urls for example google also has a soap url for language translation.
    this url might support more language tanslations.

    but the only request from me in u r plugin is , instead of hard coding the url, it would be better if we make the url also configurable in the translate.ini file.

    so that, we can have by default the microsoft url, and when user wants he can configure and change the soap url he wants.

    in this we i think we can support more language translations.

    i saw the code, i dont know the complexities of making this url as configurable,
    but as u r the owner of the translate plugin code it might be a simple logic for u to solve this issue i guess :-)

    if possible please solve this shaleen, so that u r translator can be more generic and can be used to translate in to more languages (indian) also instead of limiting it to few lnternational languages.

    and this is very important for users like me, because many a times i would like to provide our indian languages support for many tools, for example recently i contributed for telugu language support for notepad++, so in such cases i need to convert few english keywords to telugu or other languages, which is tedious as i have to copy the text and place in web site and get it back.

    so finally i am ending up with the same problem which u faced. i feel many people also has the same problem. so it would be great if u support us with this feature, so that it would be helpfull for open source and for our indian languages also.

  • Shaleen Mishra

    Shaleen Mishra - 2013-03-03
    • status: open --> pending

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