Version 1.9.0 make major improvements

Version 1.9.0 has just been released. This makes some major improvements over the previous 1.5. The version jump to 1.9 is to reflect that this is one step away from my planned version 2. All the functionality that I had planned to have in version 2 is there, but some of it could do with some improvement. A few people have been wanting me to get out a new version with these improvements.

The biggest improvement is the dynamic syntax highlighting. The highlighting is no longer fixed but generated at install time depending on the packages present in the R library. There is also a new menu command to regenerate the files after a new package is installed and your looking to highlight the new function names. Along with this is a slightly modified color scheme. Red is for builtin keywords as before, but fuchsia is used for keywords from base packages, blue for those from recommended packages, these were both blue before. The user packages are bolded. I would appreciate some comments on how to improve the color scheme. Let me know what color scheme you use.

Also new is a Simulation Dialog box. It monitors the active simulations (running locally only for now), and gives you the start time the time it's been running and the option to kill active simulations.

The improved setup is also very nice. it will no longer overwrite or delete other user defined languages as it did in the past, which several people have complained about. Also important is the fact that since The Notepad++ settings are defined on the user level, NppToR is also defined on the user level and so the Installer reflects this and should not require admin privilages.

NppToR also plays more friendly with R, or not. it forces R to run in the correct single document interface mode. It also sets notepad++ as the default editor for R so that commands like fix and edit with open a notepad++ window rather than an internal editor window. Unfortunately this is only for the R processes spawned by NppToR, and the new script command still does not work.

Enjoy the improvements and let me know your thoughts.

Posted by Andrew Redd 2009-02-13

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