Commands don't paste in R 2.14.1

Adam Smith
  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith - 2012-01-26

    When I try to pass a command to R (64-bit), the paste button in Npp flashes but nothing is transferred to the R console.  NppToR opens 64-bit R just fine, but I can't make the commands paste other than doing it manually.  Any suggestions?


    NppToR 2.6.0
    R 2.14.1

  • Andrew Redd

    Andrew Redd - 2012-01-27

    Are you also missing the menus in the system tray?

  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith - 2012-01-27

    If you mean the menus when I right-click the NppToR logo in the system tray…then no.  They show up fine.  That's were I start Notepad++.

  • Andrew Redd

    Andrew Redd - 2012-01-29

    The only time that I have seen this consistently is if either R, Notepad++, or NppToR are running under different credentials.  They all must be admin or all not admin.  If this is not the case I'm not sure, but would love to know if you can figure it out.  My suggestion is restart everything and see if it works then.  What is the notepad++ version. 

    Also it might help to know if the data is making it to the clipboard.  Under the setting uncheck " Restore clipboard after pasting code into R"  then try and send something and paste.  If it made it to the clipboard the problem is in the R communication, if not the problem is in  Notepad++ communication.

  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith - 2012-02-01

    Just saw your reply today…  All current versions of relevant programs.  I was running R as an administrator, but not the other two programs.  Closed them, changed credentials to admin on all, and…voila!…problem solved!

    Thanks so much!

  • Andrew Redd

    Andrew Redd - 2012-02-01

    I don't recommend that you run everything as admin.  There usually is very little reason to run any of the programs in admin.

    Windows does not like to let programs that have different credentials talk to each other.


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