Changing GUI Preferences

  • Anonymous - 2011-06-14


    I would like to have NppToR open up a console in Rgui so that I can have my graphics windows also appear in the same Rgui.  Can the GUI preference defaults be changed?  If so, how?  I want to do this because I have multiple monitors and I want my R graphics window to occur on a different monitor than N++.  I couldn't figure out how to do this other than having the GUI preferences set to MDI and then manually dragging the Rgui over to my desired monitor.  Is there a better way?  Note that windows(xpos=) function does not allow multiple monitors.  Ideally, I'd like N++ on one monitor, the console in monitor 2 and the graphics in monitor 3.  Thanks.

  • Andrew Redd

    Andrew Redd - 2011-06-14

    I'm not really following what you want here, but you cannot use MDI mode.  NppToR will enforce SDI mode as it cannot correctly communicate with R in MDI mode. NppToR does nothing to enforce the position of the Rgui when it launches.  If you can figure out how to do this from the command line you can add it to in the settings. Until then you can just drag the windows to the monitors you want them in.

  • Anonymous - 2011-06-14

    Thanks for that lightning reply.  I can see there is much I do not understand.  If you might kindly consider these newbie questions:
    1. Where is the Rgui?  I only see the console window and cannot figure out how to find the larger Rgui window.
    2. How do I open a second console? If I manually open R and then after clicking on this new open console then go right to N++ and run my file, it still dumps out in the original console that opened. I understood from the forum about Multiple R sessions that simply clicking on a console window activates it, but this doesn't seem to work for me.  Thanks.

  • Andrew Redd

    Andrew Redd - 2011-06-14

    OK here is the rundown.  R has two mode, the SID or single document interface, meaning that each "Document" gets it's own window.  So the console gets a window the graphics get some windows and the editor gets some windows.  There is no need for the editor as you are using NPP. The MDI or multiple document interface gives a single window for all of R and then creates subwindows for each of the console, graphics, etc.  NppToR requires SDI and enforces that processes it spawns are SDI mode.

    If there are multiple R windows (in SDI mode) up then NppToR finds the most recently used one for passing code into.  so if you want to have multiple sessions up just run another R process, but you have to make sure that it is in SDI mode, you can change this from the options in R, save and restart.

    What I would guess is happening is that you have one SDI mode up and another MDI window up and so NppToR is only finding the SDI window.

  • Anonymous - 2011-06-14

    Thanks for explaining this.  You've lifted many veils for me. I see that my problem was that the wrong Rconsole file was opening.  The setting MDI=no should be set in the Rconsole file.  Problem solved. 


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