open R GUI on run

  • cstangor

    cstangor - 2012-07-12

    OK, so I love npptor but I hate the fact that when I run a command from it the R GUI does not come to the foreground and I have to search and open it (windows).  Any ideas?


  • Andrew Redd

    Andrew Redd - 2012-07-12

    That is by design. It is much less intrusive that way.  Is it bothering you when NppToR starts a new session or on every command?

  • cstangor

    cstangor - 2013-08-21

    Sorry for the delayed response. Still loving npptor but still wish the GUI would open on every run. I edit my .R file then run it. Then edit the .tex file output. Then need to edit the .R file again but by this point the R-GUI is in the background and I have to find it.


  • Andrew Redd

    Andrew Redd - 2013-08-23

    Just to make sure that I understand you want it brought to the foreground after every run or you want a completely new window? The foreground is probably very easy to implement as as option.

  • cstangor

    cstangor - 2013-08-24

    Foreground please


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