How to install 7z version in detail? Difference "full" vs "min"?

  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2014-08-29

    I just downloaded the newest version full and extracted it.

    Where should I copy the various DLLs? Should I put both


    into the "plugins" subfolder of NP++?

    Why are the DLLs spread over two different folders?

    Is the "lib" subfolder content required or only sample scripts?

    What is the difference between the "full" and the "min" download version?


  • Dave Brotherstone

    You can just unzip directly to your N++ directory - ie. python27.dll must go in the Notepad++ directory, and the PythonScript.dll in the plugins directory. It must be done like this due to the way windows loads dynamic libraries, and the way the notepad++ loads plugins.

    The lib folder is required, otherwise you'll have very limited python functionality (a lot of the python runtime is actually written in python). You certainly wouldn't be able to use the console, and many scripts would just fail (and you wouldn't be able to see the error, because the console wouldn't work!)

    The "min" version is simply smaller, and contains the fewest files in lib possible, such that it will still work, but you'll not have all the python libraries available (e.g. working with XML, JSON, various helpful utilities).

    It's easiest to install from the MSI, just download it, double click it. You can choose if you install the extra libraries or not (the MSI actually has everything in it, so you can have a complete Tcl/Tk install too if you like!)

    Hope that helps,



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