• Dave Brotherstone

    Hi, you have been writen a great npp's plugin called Python Script, but I found a problem that:
    a menuCommand do not work, it is MENUCOMMAND.SEARCH_CLEARALLMARKS

    here is my test:
    # it works, a find dialog popuped

    # after menu->search-find-mark-mark all, some text are highlight, and I execute this command
    # but it not works, highlight are not clear at all

    I don't know why. Please check it and tell me, thank you very much!

  • Dave Brotherstone

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  • Dave Brotherstone

    SEARCH_CLEARALLMARKS clears the "Mark using style" marks, not the find marks.  If you click the menu option after a find-mark-mark-all you don't get any effect either.

    The only way to clear programmatically, that I can see, is to clear the indicator directly in scintilla:

    editor.indicatorClearRange(0, editor.getLength())
  • Neil.L

    Neil.L - 2012-05-23

    it's works, thanks very much!


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